Stefan Nowak reads from the book „End Tell“ by Julian Palacz.
Peter Moosgaard, author of Turbogott engages the book's content.

For 2 years, Palacz had a so-called software-keylogger installed on his personal computer, which recorded all key strokes without exception. The keylogger's system output during this period is the book „End Tell.“ „End Tell“ is an empirical capture of the first step of the intersection between man and computer; it is the „neuroprint“ of the relationship between computer and human being.

Moosgaard has succeeded at transfering the cut-up and fold-in techniques, which have led to an ensemble of print productions and were previously limited only to machines, into the age of algorithms and their most contemporary embodiment, the world wide web.

„End Tell“ and Turbogott were published by TRAUMAWIEN in 2010.