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God Sees

Symposium Lindabrunn
ABFAHRT von Wien nach Lindabrunn am 14. September
Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring / Ecke Universität Rathauspark um 18:00
RÜCKFAHRT von Lindabrunn am 14. September um 23:00

Does your soul want to see the world from God’s perspective? Let your soul wander around in this out-of-body experience theater performance for a single viewer. “God Sees” is an art project for the annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. The spectator wears video-glasses and experiences the world through the eyes of a digital wireless camera. You might end up viewing yourself from 100m above.

A project by Leo Sauermann, Franz Ablinger, Robert Herzl and Ingrid Brunner-Sauermann.